Believing In Myself.


I believe in myself. I have to. But I guess to some of the people I care most about, they seem unattainable. Not real. Not worth it. Do any of you know how that feels? To have the people you love not believe in your dreams. To laugh at you when you talk about it. Because I do. I know I can succeed. I know I can attain this far out dream I have, but they don’t think that. I’ve never really known what I was meant to do. I just always knew it was to do something bigger. Something bigger than just me going to work every day or me going to school. For once in my life, the first time since my dad died, I know what I want to do. I know that I am good at it. I know that I want it so bad it aches in ever crevice of my body. I’m so passionate about it, and I am going to pursue it until God tells me to do otherwise. But he led me to this. He is showing me that I can do this and I believe Him. I just wish my family believed in me, too. I hope I get the chance to show them.


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