People Leaving. And Then Coming Back.

Have you ever had someone you truly care about and talk to almost every day, just end up leaving because things get too hard or they just don’t care enough? Whatever the reason, they left. Or they let you walk away. No fighting. No calling. No coming over to try and talk about things. It was just over. But then, out of nowhere, that same person comes back. And it’s right when you start to feel better and get used to not having them around. I’ve always wondered if these people have a radar. If they are somehow spying on you to see right when you finally feel better just to mess it all up. Again. That’s currently happening to yours truly. And i usually always give people a second chance. But this time, they are ignoring my texts again. Even if I’m asking said person an actual question. I’m not worth a response? I’m not worth one little text back? You can’t move your thumbs around for 5 seconds and reply? But that’s not what I should be asking. I am worth that. I’m worth a hell of a lot more than that. And he came back just to make me question those things again. And I’m not going to just sit here and take it. And if you’re going through the same thing, you shouldn’t sit there and take it either. If he can’t simply reply to a little text message and give you at least SOME kind of reassurance than he is still for you, then talk to someone else. Spend your time on someone else. And if he doesn’t reply by the next day, TEXT HIM AND SPEAK YOUR MIND. Don’t let him use you like that. Okay. My little rant is over.


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