It’s Okay To Move On. 

Moving on. Those two words can be pretty scary, especially when you’re talking about a certain person. But, sometimes you have to let yourself do just that: move on.

Let me be the first to say that moving on is not easy. I know that first hand. It’s hard and it’s heartbreaking and it’s life changing, too. A lot of times, moving on is something you have to learn how to do. You let someone keep coming back because you don’t want to move on. You want to give them chance after chance even though the bad continuously outweighs the good.

Eventually, your heart and mind start to agree on one thing which is the fact that you have to move on. Even if it hurts. But once you do, you open up some space in your heart for someone who can actually give you the love you deserve. Your heart will start to heal and you become a better person because of it.

The situation may not even be that they’re a bad person or that they keep disappointing you but that you just feel it in your heart and soul that it’s not meant for you and moving on is something you have to do for yourself. Let yourself come first, no matter the situation. Because this is your life and you get to choose which roads you travel on.

I hope you find love and happiness. Love is always on time.


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