The ART of Letting Go.


I think I’ve written about letting go in a previous post but I feel like there’s always something more to talk about and learn, especially when it comes to letting go. I’ve recently been learning more about it and dealing with it more than usual and I felt this urge to wrote about how I’m feeling and what I’ve learned.

Usually when you are needing to let go of something, you’ve given whatever it is your letting go of countless chances. Chances to change or to become what you need it/them to be. I’m not saying that changing someone is okay. I mean it more like waiting for them to become the good that you know they can be (in my case, I am talking about a person). But when you give them a certain amount of chances and they still choose to do what they’ve always done, you have to start learning to let go of that idea of them you have in your head. I know you see that goodness in them but if they don’t want to change for the better there’s not much you can do. They have to save themselves.

Another thing I learned is when someone lets me down and I’m having to let go of them even when my heart is kicking and screaming every step of the way, I always feel like I meant nothing to them. They meant a great deal to me but I always feel like they don’t see me as being something important. Like I didn’t even matter. But that’s the opposite. Just like they were a part of my path & journey, you are a part of theirs just the same if not more. It doesn’t matter how long someone is in your life, whether it be a day or years, they were a part of your path. They helped you become the you that you are right now as you read these words. You are you because of the good and the bad that has happened. And you were a part of making them the person they were meant to be. Even if you weren’t in their life for very long. You were still a part of their path. Who knows who they would be if they hadn’t met you. Even if they don’t see it that way or realize it, you were a big part of their journey in this world.

Letting go gets easier every day. And in the middle of letting go, you meet new people, go to new places, and you become who you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to. Everything happens for a reason. You matter. What you do matters. Never forget that. Happy letting go, kids!


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