The Art of HEALING. 


I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now but I was never really sure how to say it. Sometimes words don’t come as easily as others. I think it’s because this topic is so important to me I just wanted to be able to give it justice with my words. 

Healing. We all need it at some point. And I think we will always need it. You will always need some kind of healing. For your soul. For your mind. For you spirit. There’s always something that needs healing. I’ve been in California for a week now and I knew that coming here would help me in healing and reviving my soul. While I’ve been here I’ve realized a few things. 

When I’m hurting and my soul has been burned I always have a way of ignoring the pain. Everyone has their ways of shutting it out because the world tells you that you, “need to be happy, you aren’t allowed to be sad or be in pain, It’s not normal.” But that’s not true. Nobody is happy 24/7. Nobody can feel good all the time. That’s just part of being human. It’s part of this life. Pain is meant to be felt. Just like love. Love and pain are both for the brave. In order to feel love you have to feel pain. If you never let yourself feel what you’re supposed to feel, like pain, you won’t grow or heal. And finding love will seem impossible. Pain is a tool. Use it to fuel your soul to be better. If you shut out the pain and distract yourself from it, it will still be there later when that distraction is gone. It will always be there unless you feel it and let it pass

In order to heal, you need to feel your pain. Only then will love appear. Life is like waves of the ocean. It has a rythem. A pattern. There’s always good after the bad. There’s a balance in that. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good. And especially not the bad. Feel your pain. Heal your soul. And become yourself. Become who you’re supposed to be. The world wants to see you. 

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